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Muramura 120315_319 Miyuki Take a shoplifter with a mental retinue 25-year-old child's housewife does not tell anyone, so she turns into a husband and adds squatting with shoplifting Shoplifting G Men

Release Date: Aug 12, 2017

Movies Because I found a woman who seems to be a shoplifting criminal, I decided to come with me to hear the story. I explained the work as a shoplifting G-men and found a product that does not pass through the cash register when I showed the bag. "I'm sorry, I steal." As I translated and said that it was the first time in my mind, when I asked for an identity card, I told him I did not have it. When asking whether I am working or not, I say that I am a housewife. When I said that I should contact the police, I told you to wait for a moment. Because I hear everything you say

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